Labels & Shrink Sleeves

B.C. Bundt’s Parfaits Show off RB Dwyer’s Offset Capabilities

Posted: April 17, 2014

The R.B. Dwyer Group is printing three shrink labels for B.C. Bundt’s Walk-Away Parfaits with their new IVCO (Infinitely Variable Cylinder Web Offset) press, manufactured by RDP Marathon. The IVCO press enables B.C. Bundt to present a product with gravure quality and zero cylinder costs.
The B.C. Bundt labels are full-sleeve shrink labels made of PVC printed with UV inks in five and six colors. The sleeve comes over the cap of the single-serve clear domed cup in order to ensure tamper-evidence and also hold the mini fork to the cup. The sleeve is printed with an indication bar that says “Tear Here” so that the sleeve is easily removed from the container.
This combination label enables B.C. Bundt to offer its customers a secure product and allows the customer to eat the walk-away parfait with the attached utensil. The graphics reveal the mouth-watering flavors and the clear area of the label allows the customer to see what’s inside the cup. The parfaits are available in three flavors, strawberry, banana cream, and chocolate, and several more are planned in the near future.
The RB Dwyer Group’s high-quality printing includes the new IVCO press, a digital press, and other flexo presses as well as leading edge technology in seaming and finishing. This enables the RB Dwyer Group to produce shrink labels, tamper-evident bands, and preforms for beverage, food, personal care products, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industries. For more, visit