Bazooka Candy brands introduce Sugar Free Gum

Posted: October 3, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

Bazooka Candy Brands is bringing innovation to the confectionary aisle with Bazooka Sugar Free Gum.

The gum comes in a “to go cup” packaging, which contains 60 pieces of sugar free come and includes a pull-out comic that features a variety of games and puzzles.

"Bazooka Bubble Gum has always connected gum and entertainment through its iconic flavor and fun comics," says Nicole Rivera, Marketing Director for Bazooka Candy Brands.  "Bazooka Sugar Free To Go Cup extends this tradition with its puzzles and games, appealing to new generations of Bazooka fans."  

According to a release, Bazooka Sugar Free is also working together with Disney's Frozen and Marvel's Avengers.   The slim tubes come with 22 pieces of sugar free gum in one of two delicious flavors: classic Original and all-new Blue Razz.