Posted: December 8, 2009 by
Ron Romanik

ExxonMobil Chemical Recognizes Package and Label Innovations at Pack Expo 2004 Dinner Ceremony

At a gala awards dinner at Chicago's Drake Hotel during Pack Expo 2004, the Films Business of ExxonMobil Chemical presented two Golden Mummy Awards and two Pyramid Awards for innovations in flexible packaging and labeling. Judging for the 18th annual Golden Mummy and Pyramid Awards took place in Rochester, N.Y. near the ExxonMobil Chemical Films main office, by an independent panel of industry experts.

"Once again, we're bringing the industry's best and brightest together to celebrate packaging and labeling innovations," said Jim Ashmore, Americas, sales and marketing manager, ExxonMobil Chemical, the world's premier provider of oriented polypropylene films. "We've done this for 18 years and the quality of entries continues to impress me."

Golden Mummy Award
Office Max Paper Ream Wrap
Boise Cascade Office Products
Coating Excellence International
To ensure timely delivery of inventory, Boise Cascade wraps its paper reams in several locations nationally. Coating Excellence International worked with ExxonMobil's technical team to develop a material with the differential coefficient of friction necessary to handle the demands of Boise Cascade's high speed wrapping lines. The solution was Bicor�reg; ARW, a bi-layer OPP film that maintains stiffness and clarity throughout the machining process and combines exceptional durability with a premium appearance.

Tootsie Roll
Golden Mummy Award
Tootsie Roll Midgees
Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.
C-P Flexible Packaging
Tootsie Roll Industries wanted to improve the barrier capabilities of its product wrap and boost shelf appeal. The candy company worked with ExxonMobil to create a solution that combines Bicor�reg; 50 LBW with Metallyte�reg; 50 TSPM. This new package enhances barrier protection and supports standout graphic visibility on store shelves.

Pyramid Award
Florida's Natural Juices
Florida's Natural Growers/Citrus World
Hammer Lithograph
Florida's Natural Juices are destined for food service and vending distribution only, and the labels require exceptional stability in humid conditions. The company chose Label-Lyte�reg; LS-447 film to decorate their bottles for the film's scuff resistance, low curl attributes, and lack of moisture absorption. These durable labels help preserve the brand equity of the package regardless of environmental exposure or rugged handling conditions.

Pyramid Award
Apple & Eve Juices
Apple & Eve, Inc.
Hammer Lithograph
Apple & Eve decided to replace its round bottles with square containers to give its juices a premium edge. To complete the look, Adam & Eve selected ExxonMobil's Label-Lyte�reg; LS-447 OPP film. The label fits snug to the juice's square bottle and provides an excellent surface for printing eye-catching graphics, which take full advantage of the billboard effect on the front of a square bottle.