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ArtiosCAD and ModusLink Reduce Costs while Designing Sustainably

Posted: April 24, 2014

As the supply chain evolves into a global, dynamic value chain—and sustainability becomes not just a social cause, but also an economic issue—product packaging has developed into a critical component of a sustainably designed value chain. With the help of EskoArtwork products, ModusLink Global Solutions is saving time and maximizing value for its clients through 3D virtual samples.
ModusLink Global Solutions Inc. is a leader in executing value chain strategies to drive the supply chain, aftermarket and e-Business processes of the world's largest technology and consumer goods companies. Its solutions span the cradle-to-cradle, multichannel product lifecycle, from supply chain activities such as sourcing, configuration and fulfillment; to revenue-generating e-commerce, customer service, and brand loyalty solutions; to aftermarket returns, repair, and asset recovery.
"ModusLink works with many of the world's largest consumer electronics companies to help them get their products to market," explains Ben Sligar, global packaging engineer for ModusLink. "For example, a product is manufactured in Asia and sent to one of ModusLink's more than 25 facilities worldwide for final configuration, kitting, assembly, and packaging. We also fulfill to multiple channels, including distribution centers, retailers, and end-users. In addition to these physical processes, we work closely with many of our clients to optimize their product network to determine the best time and place in the supply chain to perform these critical functions."
In early 2009, ModusLink introduced its Sustainable Solutions Suite to help clients reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain processes, including sustainable packaging redesign. Using the Walmart Sustainable Packaging Modeling tool, COMPASS, ArtiosCAD, and other industry tools, ModusLink measures and analyzes the amount of carbon emissions of various packaging types and provides customers with feedback as to whether or not their traditional packaging is eco-friendly. For more, visit or