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A Fresh Coat of Brand for Glidden Professional Paint

Posted: October 2, 2010

Less than one year after the high-performing packaging redesign for Glidden consumer paints, Glidden Professional paint is also sporting a fresh brand position and packaging system by Interbrand, one of the world’s largest branding and design firms. It’s an initiative that signifies “the rebirth of our business,” according to Glidden.
Recognizing that its ICI Dulux brand of professional paints lacked organization and impact, parent company AkzoNobel asked Interbrand to rebrand the U.S. line as Glidden Professional and to establish a distinct, cohesive brand position and experience. According to Helen Shaw, Glidden Professional brand manager, ICI Dulux brands were brought to the U.S. from Europe in the 1990s. “From a market perspective, we had not gained the presence we wished with large-volume paint contractors,” Shaw explains. “ICI Dulux’s 2008 acquisition by AkzoNobel provided an opportunity to review our entire brand portfolio with an eye to strengthening our U.S. presence.”
Interbrand jump-started the project with a category landscape review and key stakeholder workshop, which provided strategic direction to solidify the brand’s promise, bring its equities to life, and create an emotional connection with professional users. The resulting brand experience platform shaped Interbrand’s creative approach to refreshing the visual assets and packaging design system.
“The stakeholder workshop helped to build consensus and pull us all together,” Shaw continues. “Different individuals had various expressions of brand positioning in their minds, and the workshop helped to form a common reference point. It was important to get our agencies and internal marketing and brand teams onto the same page, especially since we were working collaboratively to rebrand a tremendous number of components.”
The new Glidden Professional packaging design is unique among commercial paint brands, Shaw says, because it is very masculine and trade-oriented yet still sophisticated and consistent across the entire line, from low- to high-end products. “We’ve taken principles seen in the consumer market and applied them to the contractor side—that’s unique versus the competition,” says Shaw. “Even 150 feet across a job site, you can see one of our new cans and know immediately that it’s Glidden Professional paint.”
Interbrand v.p., group account director Dick LeBlanc comments: “The new visual design system conveys a franchise look and feel while clearly distinguishing among Glidden’s diverse set of professional product offerings. This improves shopability of the brand at shelf and creates a distinct impression versus the competition.”
“This was business rebranding, not just product rebranding,” Shaw emphasizes, “and I am incredibly proud of the results. In three months, we went from brand experience platform to final design for 500 SKUs. People can’t believe how much we accomplished in such a short timeframe. We have literally changed the shape of this business in the past 24 months.” For more, visit,, or