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4sight and PepsiCo Create Ownable Mountain Dew Bottle

Posted: April 15, 2014

To energize the Mountain Dew brand, 4sight inc., the New York-based design and innovation firm, collaborated with PepsiCo to craft a new distinctive PET bottle design for the beverage that reflects its core expression of excitement and activity. Design elements of the new bottles include a distinctive silhouette that gives the bottle a solid shelf presence. The bottle stands proudly, and its profile is distinguished by a degree of strength and energy to capture the attention of consumers.
Stuart Leslie, president of 4sight, says: “The previous bottle design for Mountain Dew didn’t convey the beverage’s essence, but the new structure makes a strong statement about what the brand embodies—a robust spirit of fun, exuberance, and refreshment.” The ‘MD’ logo embedded in the bottle, which suggests the individuality of the bottle and the brand. A newly styled grip area reinforcing the strength of the brand with the MD logo popping out. The grips appear to be on the inside but they are actually on the outside of the bottle.
A broader, substantial base allows customers to confidently clutch the bottle (for “Grab me” appeal) is further enhanced by the texture of the outside grips. The 20-oz bottles feature the same amount of resin as the previous design but the label was made considerably smaller. The label is smaller because the proprietary bottle now effectively tells much of the brand story.
Beyond creating the style of the bottle, 4sight was in the unique position of working side-by-side with PepsiCo’s operations, marketing, and R&D teams, taking part in the entire development and implementation process from engineering to manufacturing. In addition to working from a branding standpoint, the new bottle succeeds from both the production side (fitting seamlessly into the current bottling system) and in terms of the distribution channels (so that it can efficiently be delivered to retail outlets).