2016 AIMCAL Product of the Year Awards

Posted: November 14, 2016

Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators | 2016 AIMCAL Product of the Year Awards
AIMCAL represents converters of metallized, coated and laminated flexible substrates and their suppliers. Contest categories include the Product of the Year award, Marketing and Technical awards.


Product of the Year

Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste

By: Unifoil Corp.

Unifoil Corp. earned the product of the year award for Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste. The judges liked the combination of metallized, holographic, tactile and print elements on a coated recycled board.


Sustainability Award

The 2016 Sustainability Award goes to Toray in recognition of the bio-based content in two polyester lidding films. The patent-pending, dual-ovenable films contain more than 50 % renewable content and reduce consumption of petroleum resources.



Star Trek: The Original Series, The Complete Series Remastered from Paramount

By: Hazen Paper

The marketing award in the non-food packaging category went to Hazen Paper for a display case for Star Trek: The Original Series, the Complete Series Remastered from Paramount. The custom feathered-burst hologram pattern resembles the effect used on the show to depict the Starship Enterprise traveling at warp speed and strongly supports the Star Trek brand.



Vimal brand saffron-blended mouth freshener tobacco

By: Flex Films

Flex Films captured the technical award in the non-food packaging category for its converter for a hologram-equipped pouch for the Vimal brand saffron-blended mouth freshener tobacco. A proprietary process transfers the hologram to the surface in register with the print design. The registered hologram not only helps authenticate the product, but also commemorates its 25th anniversary.





Healthcare, Cosmetics and Toiletries—Technical

It’s a 10

By: Celplast Metallized Products

Celplast Metallized Products captures the Technical Award for its role as the metallizer of an in-mold label for injection-molded tubes of hair care products from It’s a 10. The in-mold label improves aesthetics, barrier properties and resistance to abrasion and moisture and does not affect the tube’s recyclability.


Decorative Display—Marketing

Be Joyful fragrance from Bath & Body Works

By: Unifoil

Unifoil earns the marketing award for its role in converting a limited-edition, promotional package for Be Joyful fragrance from Bath and Body Works. Designed by L Brands to provide an eye-catching display and create a Christmas ball effect, the structure consists of a six-sided box with minimalist, ultraviolet-offset-printed artwork.


Decorative Display—Technical

Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Poster

By: Hazen Paper

Hazen Paper picks up the technical award in the decorative/display category as a metallizer and substrate supplier for a Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary poster. Envirofoil transfer metallizing provides lay-flat and stay-flat characteristics and experiences no distortion when the poster is rolled into a tube. Although more likely to be treasured as a collector’s item, the commemorative poster is recyclable in the waste paper stream since minimal metal is involved in the transfer-metallizing process. 



Spa de la Mer at Baccarat Hotel & Residences New York, gift card package

By: Hazen Paper

Hazen Paper also takes home the marketing award in the other category, serving as the converter and metallizer for a display and package to hold gift cars for Spa de la Mer at Baccarat Hotel & Residences New York. The Hazen Ultracure acrylic-coated, high-clarity metallized polyester laminated to coated-two-side solid bleached sulfate provided a strong, glossy base for the printer and allowed use of ultraviolet offset inks.



Corrosion Intercept Jewelry Bag

By: Technical Coating International

The technical award in the other category goes to Technical Coating International for the Corrosion Intercept Jewelry Bag. The bag, which is made of flocked polyester fabric coated with metallic-loaded urethane, provides a soft, portable, storage spot for jewelry and long-term protection from corrosion. The fabric color complements the copper-colored coating, but custom colors are available because the coating can be applied to other fabrics.