2015 AIMCAL Product of the Year Awards

Posted: December 8, 2015

Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators | 2015 AIMCAL Product of the Year Awards
AIMCAL represents converters of metallized, coated and laminated flexible substrates and their suppliers. Contest categories include the Product of the Year award, Marketing and Technical awards.

Product of the Year
Titleist NXT Tour S, DT Solo and VG3 Golf Ball Cartons
By: Hazen Paper Company
Hazen Paper earned the product of the year award for its role as metallizer in the package design of the three Titleist brands. New Titleist graphics focus on the chrome-like brightness of the transfer-metallized surface. The graphics on each Titleist package also includes a holographic hot-stamp as well as covert security features.

Food—Marketing Award
Paras Ghee
By: Flex Films Inc.
The marketing award in the food packaging category went to Flex Films Inc. for a coextruded coated film for the pouches of Paras Ghee. The film is surface-printed rotogravure and coated with a cast-and-cure formula, embellished with holographic effects, designs and logos, and geometric designs and texts.

Food—Technical Award
By: Flex Films Inc.
Flex Films also captured the technical award in the food packaging category for the metallized biaxially oriented PET and low-density polyethylene (PE) standup pouch for pistachios. A perforated tear strip on the sparkle Inno-lok standup pouch provides access to the zipper and evidence that the packages has been opened.



Non-food—Marketing Award
Gold Strike Robusto cigars
By: Celplast Metallized Products
The marketing award recognizes Celplast Metallized Products for its role as the metallizer of a zippered pouch for the Gold Strike Robusto cigars. Celplast says half of the aluminum oxide-coated PET is metallized. The stripe-metallized film is then laminated to the printed web. The lamination permits higher printing and pouching speeds.

Non-food—Technical Award
Chewing Tobacco Pouch
By: Flex Films Inc.
Flex Films earned the technical award in the nonfood category for the chewing tobacco pouch. The single-serving pouch consists of a paper and foil structure with a heat-seal coating on one side and an electron beam-cured coating on the other side to provide chemical, water and scruff resistance.



Healthcare—Marketing Award
Body by Victoria
By: Hazen Paper Company
Hazen Paper swept the healthcare, cosmetics and toiletries packaging category by capturing the marketing award. The award went to a carton for Body by Victoria. Hazen Paper served as the metallizer and converter of the Ultracure Acrylic Silver metallized polyester and coated one-side bleached sulfate. The high-gloss surface accentuates the embossing on the carton, providing the appeal for department store shelves.

Healthcare—Technical Award
Victoria’s Secret Love
By: Hazen Paper Company
The technical award in healthcare, cosmetics and toiletries category recognizes Hazen Paper’s metallizing and converting role for Victoria’s Secret Love. The box consists of the Ultracure Acrylic Silver Duplex laminated to both sides of the solid bleached sulfate. The use of the metallized film on both sides of the package complements heavy embossing.


Decorative Display—Marketing Award
MAC Lightful Skincare
By: Hazen Paper Company
Hazen earned the Marketing Award in the decorative display category for the MAC Lightful skincare line. The MAC brand wanted an extremely reflective base material for the display that would introduce MAC Lightful. The mirror-like gloss of the 2-mL reflector film serves as the backdrop for simple graphics and product information.

Decorative Display—Technical Award
Victoria’s Secret Angel Eau de Parfum
By: Hazen Paper Company
The technical award in the decorative display category recognized Hazen Paper as the metallizer and converter for Victoria’s Secret Angel Eau de Parfum. The packaging relies on a lamination of ultracure acrylic silver metallized polyester solid bleached sulfate. The metallic film is receptive to layers of printing and holographic embossing.

Industrial—Technical Award
Thermarest All Season Pad
By: Technical Coating International Inc.
For its role in development of the enhanced Thermarest All Season Pad, the technical award in the industrial category was given to Technical Coating International. TCI coats and over lacquers metallized PE film in preparation for lamination to PE foam. The laminate is thermoformed and the pad’s patent pending solar technology keeps cold and moisture from getting into the body and reflects radiant heat.

Other—Marketing Award
Lotto Quebec Celebration 25E Anniversaire Pouch 2014
By: Hazen Paper Company
Hazen Paper took home the marketing award in the other category for the Lotto Quebec Celebration 25E Anniversaire Pouch 2014. Hazen supplied the substrate and metallized and converted it. The pouch structure consists of a direct embossed holographic film with a custom pattern of 25s with fireworks. It’s printed with graphics and laminated on the non-metal side to a sealable PE.


Other—Technical Award
Broncochem cough syrup
By: AR Metallizing
The technical award in the other category went to AR Metallizing for a custom holographic metallized paperboard laminate for cartons of Broncochem cough syrup. AR Metallizing supplied and metallized the Holoprism holographic metallized paper. The holography enhances the brand’s identity and discourages counterfeiting for the cold medicine. The custom hologram features the Magnachem Internacional logo and portions the logo along with a white motion rainbow.

Coated, Laminated or Metallized—Technical Excellence Award
Fish Allure Scented Bait Tape
By: Chemsultants International Inc.
The technical excellence award in the coated, laminated or metallized product category was presented to Chemsultants International Inc. for its role in the development of Fish Allure Scented Bait tape. The tape strip holds 32 pressure-sensitive tabs of the patented-pending, scent release material. The clear, oval tabs can be applied to any hard lure. Chemsultants says the tabs provide a no-mess, longer lasting alternative to sprays or jellies.

Material—Technical Excellence Award
By: Multek Flexible Circuits Inc.
Multek Flexible Circuits Inc. snagged the technical excellence award in the material category for its Q-Prime flexible circuit technology. The material is useful in LED applications. The hybrid flexible laminate consists of copper on one side and aluminum on the other, plus a heat-conductive adhesive. The protective film is laminated to the aluminum side to protect it through printed circuit processing chemistries.

Coating, Laminating Equipment and Accessories—Technical Excellence Award
Tidland 360 Degree Blade Guard
By: Maxcess International
In the coating, laminating equipment, accessories category, Maxcess International Corp. received the technical excellence award for the Tidland 360 Degree Blade Guard. When the knifeholder moves into the idle position, the upward movement engages a metal flap that lowers and covers the blade on-line or when the lower cartridge of the knifeholder is separated from the upper body unit.