2007 Wally Award Winners Celebrate Creative Design

Posted: October 23, 2009

The three Wally Award winners were chosen from over 120 submissions of projects created on YUPO ranging from brochures, labels and menus to posters, maps and watercolor paintings. The winners include a menu cover, brochure, and guidebook which best showcased the unique attributes of YUPO® synthetic paper and exemplified creativity, originality, and functionality.

The winning entries are featured on and “The judges really had their work cut out for them this year,” says Martin Fiorillo, vice president, marketing and distribution sales, Yupo Corporation America. “We had twice the number of entries than we did last year and that many more outstanding designs.”

One of the Wally Awards was given to Sandra Schler of AJ Images Inc. for Series of Coordinated Menu Covers. The company's client—a new, high-end restaurant—wanted to produce a series of individual menu covers for lunch, brunch, dinner, dessert, lounge, cocktails, and the check presentation folder. The designer was tasked with creating covers that were elegant yet substantial in weight and durable enough to withstand constant handling.

YUPO synthetic paper cover stock (Grade FIG350) was chosen for its tear and stain resistant qualities, which make it perfect for a food and beverage environment. It's smooth, bright white surface allowed the beautiful photography to stand out. The restaurant owners also have the flexibility to change the menus regularly without having to replace the entire piece. Interior cover die-cuts create a place hold for the printed menu which can be inserted and changed as quickly as it takes to print on a home printer. See the other winners at