Toray Plastics introduces new films for non-retort pouches

Posted: January 13, 2016 by
Package Design Reader -- Claudia Kreiss

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., (, introduces to CPG’s and converters new TreaTear LT Series of linear-tear, polypropylene sealant films for any type of non-retort pouch lamination, including stand-up pouches, requiring a low SIT (seal initiation temperature) and high heat-seal strength.

Unique TreaTear LT films are made with Toray’s proprietary design, which delivers a precise machine-direction linear tear without a need for laser scoring, perforations, or registration. Available as thin as 30 microns (1.2 mil.), TreaTear LT films offer yield advantages over traditional 60 or 70 micron sealant films, as well as flexibility with overall lamination design. For example, manufacturers that use a traditional nylon directional-tear film laminated to a standard sealant web will find that LT films can now replace both of those films.

The use of one, thinner film also provides important sustainability benefits, such as source reduction and lightweighting. The TreaTear LT Series is compatible with most zipper stocks, is FDA- and CONEG-compliant, and comes in clear, white, and custom colors.

“The demand for pouches, especially stand-up varieties, grows daily,” says Chris Voght, senior director of sales, Torayfan Division. “A versatile, thin film with excellent sealant properties and precise tear is an important development for pouch manufacturing, usability, and consumer satisfaction.”

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