NGS Printing first North American graphics company to purchase Zünd D3 dual-beam cutting system

Posted: August 24, 2016 by
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NGS Printing is excited to announce it is the first North American company in the sign and graphics industry to purchase a D3 L-3200. This revolutionary new cutting system from Zünd will see its formal U.S. introduction at SGIA, September 14-16. The dual-beam D3 features two independently operating heads seamlessly working together, thereby increasing capacity as well as saving time and space. In addition to routing, creasing, and knife-cutting capabilities, the NGS cutter configuration also includes an automatic board-feeder and extension of the off-load area, which eliminates unnecessary labor and facilitates a non-stop production workflow.

Before learning of the Zünd ​D3, NGS knew the only way the company would be able to significantly increase throughput was by purchasing multiple machines or adding a third shift in the finishing department. At that point, the company felt like it had exhausted all available options to increase productivity through technological advances. Says Erik Landrowski, NGS Chief Operating Officer: “When we saw the Zünd D3 running with two independent cutting heads working as a team to complete a cutting file, we knew this was the future and nothing else would merit serious consideration.” 

NGS Printing produces display graphics and retail signage utilizing a very wide variety of materials including Sintra, styrene, static cling, magnetics, foamboards, acrylic, PETG, and Paper. “Because of the pressure to continually reduce turnaround times, our goal was to increase our ​throughput by at least 50%​,” continues Landrowski. “Our familiarity with Zünd as equipment manufacturer was a major consideration as well. We bought our first Zünd digital die-cutting machine in 2005, and after 11 years of nearly 18-hour non-stop daily production, it is still operating efficiently today! Zünd's quality build, customer support, and proven track record made the acquisition of the D3 an easy choice for us.”

NGS expects to see a 75%- 85​% speed ​improvement on jobs involving smaller parts and larger sheet sizes, which constitutes about half of the company’s total production. “It’s going to be interesting to see how the D3's capabilities will affect our pre-production planning, cost estimating, and production workloads. Our​ finishing department tends to be the bottleneck, requiring periodic overtime, and we hope D3 will alleviate that pressure when we have tight deadlines.” concludes Landrowski: “The future requires speed, and D3 is just one more tool in our belt to exceed our clients ever-growing expectations. ​”

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