Gel Comm and Smart Planet Technologies partner in designing sustainable packaging

Posted: August 30, 2016 by
Package Design Reader

Gel Communication LLC (Gelcomm) has partnered with Smart Planet Technologies to enhance Gelcomm’s environmental packaging design services for Fortune 100 companies.

Gelcomm provides design services to incorporate new innovations in environmental materials that address needs long sought by the market given the limitations of current materials.  Gelcomm has built a cutting-edge approach to design practice embracing the latest materials to advance complete package solutions optimized for environmental gain.  Gelcomm builds partnerships with innovators to develop a broad knowledgebase in materials within Gelcomm, and optimize supply chain availability. 

Smart Planet’s EarthBoard is a folding carton material comprised of 100% recycled fiber content with a revolutionary coating, “EarthCoating”, providing a bright, white, opaque premium print surface, with barrier performance to moisture and oils, and is fully recyclable and repulpable.  EarthBoard serves the need for premium packaging material from 100% recycled fiber content that is recyclable.  EarthBoard is available in soft touch and glossy finishes. 

“We look at the package components and source materials that are recyclable, compostable, recycled and/or carbon-reducing while still maintaining the premium look for the brand image,” says Gelcomm Principal, Patricio Fuentes.  “The materials engineered by Smart Planet are so compelling towards these goals that we knew we could best serve their customers with a partnership with Smart Planet”, said Fuentes.  In addition to environmental packaging design services, Gelcomm provides brand strategy and market research in the space of Consumer Package Goods.

“Gelcomm is providing a valuable service to brand owners looking to achieve improvements in sustainability measures in their packaging,” says Todd Gasparik, Director of Business Development, Smart Planet Technologies. “Our partnership will optimize the opportunities for the use of Earthboard in that equation, and give brand owners the best package designs that support their priorities.” 

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