Christoph Petersen designs specialty brand for König brewery

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Package Design Reader -- Andrea vorm Walde

An homage to the founder Theodor König, that is what the old-established Duisburg brewery calls their new specialty brand: “Th. König” is based on the founding father’s philosophy, uniting tradition and innovation. For the design development the Bitburger Braugruppe (brewing group) innovation management chose the creative strategists of Christoph Petersen design, an agency that has created numerous success stories in beer brand development for national and international breweries.

For Th. König the objective was to generate a new impulse in beer specialties, still following the consumers’ lasting desire for “craft beer” and yet presenting it in a very individual way. Th. König Zwickel is a full-bodied and mild “Kellerbier” meant to send a clear signal at the POS. The experts of Christoph Petersen Design rose to this challenge by creating a very unique brand appearance: Giving the specialty beer a modern vintage look with a minimalistic yet striking orchestration. Theodor König Brauwerke is clearly recognizable as a sub-brand of the König brewery but with an independent marketing and an appearance completely different from the established König Pilsener.

The founder himself as an eponym, an innovative mind of his time who was known for brewing beer with heart and soul – this should be communicated to the consumer. To really orchestrate this in an effective manner, the designers put Theodor König right in the centre: With his portrait and his signature on the front label combined with his initials in the eye-catching seal, he guarantees for the high quality of an excellent beer. This is supported by various details – inspired by old pharmacist’s bottle designs – that the label provides about the product: variety, flavour, alcoholic content, brewery founding date – and by the design itself: the monochromic photograph, the distinctive font, the separate text blocks, all stylistic devices that procure a traditional look and the “good old times” that are connected with a tasty and handmade beer.

Another highlight that the Hamburg designers created is the quality seal: a neck label that encloses the bottle cap. This is not only a sign for the freshness of the product but also a connection of the overall design with modern times and innovation. For the application of this new technology in labelling procedure, the König brewery invested a six-figure sum to clearly emphasize the high premium quality of the new specialty beer.     

This first TH.KÖNIG product is therefore presented very noticeably on the market. For the launch, the Hamburg design agency also developed the 0.33l “Steinie” bottle as well as the complete product world: the striking crate, the 8-pack, the 6-pack, the 2 bottle gift box, display covers for chep palettes, table cards, a bottle paper tag and a beer mug.

With this, the team from Christoph Petersen Design did not only prove their expertise but also made it clear that they can produce far more than attractive packaging. With Th. König they developed a creative and strategic trend-setting design concept that is sure to hold many more options in beer specialties for the König brewery.

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